May 30

Sitting on Santa’s lap…over time

I have taken pictures of people sitting on Santa’s lap at the Carey Christmas party for the last several years and thought it would be fun to see how we’ve changed through the years.  So here are some photos, organized by family.

See us sit on Santa’s lap.  See us have fun.  See us get older.

Disclaimer: I thought I snapped feverishly at every party and got every child every year.  But when I gathered up all the pictures I found some people are missing.  I can’t explain this, so nobody should infer anything or take this personally.  There’s one year I don’t even have pictures of both my own children.  I can’t explain this, either.  If you have other shots you’d like me to include for posterity, send them along and I’ll update this post!

Click on a photo to see them all in a gallery by family.

Scott & Sue’s family

Phil & Janice’s family

Paul & Michelle’s family

Brent & Teresa’s family

Mark & Sonja’s family

Ildar & Christine’s family

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