Feb 29

Ode the 1930’s-Blocks #18 & #19

These are the last of the 9″x9″ blocks and then we go to even smaller! February gave us the opportunity to get some serious work done in cutting blocks and finishing them up. And to give some perspective, there are 36 “blocks” listed in the pattern, although the last three are the same 3″ blocks, making multiples. But I am ready to say we are halfway done with the quilt top, excluding the borders. Whoopee! Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 26

America the Beautiful-barn & trees

After taking a break from our quilt group during the holidays, we were back going in strong in January and got two blocks done on the America the Beautiful quilt. We wanted to tackle a building and not leave them all to the end, so we began with the barn. Our individual tastes are totally on display here in our fabric choices for the barns and adjoining trees. ShaRee and I used the same fabric for the roof and silo, but varied on the barn and door, while Terry went her own way with red and browns. We all used a sky background fabric, but as usual, my choice is a little more bold. We all loved our own tall trees, but then loved each other’s trees when we saw them done. Those same tree fabrics may make appearances elsewhere in all our quilts! This block goes in the lower right corner of the quilt above the fields of amber waves. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 17

Ode to the 1930’s-blocks #16 & #17

Once the holiday hiatus was over, 2016 started out with more quilt group activities. In January we got two more blocks done on this quilt. Block #16 is Flower Basket and has an applique handle on a white triangle that is then pieced to the rest of the basket sections. Then the leaves and flowers are appliqued on top to make a 9″ x 9″ block. ShaRee and Terry picked the same fabric, but I had to be different and went with green and orange instead of green and pink. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 23

Riedel Fascination reading challenge sign-ups 2016

It’s here! February approaches and it’s time to sign up for Carolyn’s reading challenges. In order to allow us time for fun during the holidays rather than posting challenge stuff, she runs her challenges from February to February. I really like this because the end of the year seems hectic to me with all the end of the year posting. If it’s a limited challenge and I finish early, I try to post during the year, but many that I sign up for go the entire year, causing a last-minute flurry. So this one can be enjoyed until the end of January! This year I am again repeating The Gentle Spectrums games A & B, and adding the Mystery and new Celtic Coasts, bringing my total to 17 for the year. This is a new personal high and I am very selective in what I choose, but it might be overwhelming. We’ll see. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 23

Gentle Spectrums 2015 wrap-up

January is almost over and I’m posting my wrap-up for this challenge because I don’t think I’ll be adding anything to it in the next week. Carolyn is a fun host and I have enjoyed being a part of her community. Here is my reading for this year and look for my sign-up post for her 2016 adventures! Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 31

2015 Reading Stats

istock-booksAnother reading year has come to an end and here’s the tally for the year.

Books read: 141
Pages read: 50,971
Of the books read:
Non-fiction: 11
New-to-me authors: 29
Continuing series books: 45
Re-reads: 37
Audio-books: 56
Various book club reads: 8
Challenges completed: 10 of 10
Ongoing tally of Newbery winners: 71 of 94
Books set in states: 27 of 50
5 star ratings by me: 24 Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 31

2016 Reading Challenge post #4

With the last-minute flurry of reading challenge finds at year-end, I carefully looked through and decided to join a few more. Because……why not? This makes my total challenges 14, plus the two from Riedel Fascination that end in Feb 2016. That’s the most I’ve ever joined, so here’s to a great reading year. My other 2016 sign-up posts are here, here, and here. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 30

One Little Word 2016

It’s time again to choose my word for the year. It’s an attempt to choose a word that influences my state of mind throughout the year and creates a structure and framework for my life.
Here are my past choices:

I had high hopes for 2015 and then my life jumped the tracks and the entire last half of the year turned out completely different than I had anticipated. It turned out that EMBRACE was the perfect word as I ended up embracing “whatever new adventure comes along and ride the wave”, as I wrote at this time last year. I also wanted to “do lots of intentional things to make me happy” and that didn’t happen as much as I had hoped. I started Ali Edwards OLW workshop and did great but it broke down the last half of the year and I stopped even looking at the prompts. That was sad for me because I had made such a great start.

I signed up for the workshop for 2016 and will make a valiant effort to work through it. I will also finish up my 2015 album as I did collect photos throughout the year to put in it. I have thought long and hard about my word for 2016 and have decided that I am going to embrace my tendency to get involved in a project and stick with it. So rather than try to hit many projects so I feel like I’m making progress everywhere, I’m going to focus on a few and really dig deep to get them to completion. So my 2016 word is FOCUS and here’s the meme I created.

Square focus

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