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Jun 21

Wild Goose Chase Reading Challenge 2017 wrap-up

Wild Goose Chase 2017 This challenge is hosted by The Bookshelf Gargoyle and I joined to further my wish to do more category challenges this year. I got it done in the first half of the year by reading a book from each category. I list in parentheses the books I set aside from shelves in …

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Jun 14

Faded Blooms wool tabletopper

Remember that quilt retreat I attended in January of 2016? Well, I’m still finishing up projects from that and this is one of them. I wanted to learn wool applique techniques so I took this class using the “Faded Blooms” pattern from Quail Valley Quilts, taught by the designer, Krisanne Watkins. During the class we …

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May 16

Full House Reading Challenge 2017 completed

Full House Reading Challenge 2017 I had so much fun with this last year that I decided to go again in 2017. Thanks to Book Date for hosting. Complete the card and you are allowed one free exchange for something you really don’t like. Read in any order during the year and I’m finished up …

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Apr 24

Square Dance quilt

The Square Dance quilt is a modern log cabin variation by Nora Conant, found in the Aug/Sept 2013 issue of QUILT magazine on page 17. The pattern makes a quilt 75″ square with the blocks set 5×5, but I wanted a smaller quilt. I made it 60″ square with the blocks set 4×4 and it makes …

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Apr 19

Mimosa Interwoven quilt

I began this quilt in 2013 after Scott gave me the charm packs of fabric for Christmas in 2012. I cut up the colors and the white background squares, put them in a project box, and got distracted by shiny new things. Then in a fit of wanting to finish projects with fabric I already …

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Apr 11

Two Paths Crossed quilt

I began this quilt at the St. George retreat I attended in January 2015. It was taught by Melissa Corry from her book, Irish Chain Quilts and I got one of each block type made during the retreat. Plus a photo opp! Then it languished for a long time as other projects came up and …

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Apr 10

Ode to the 1930’s Block 40, 41, & 42

During January we finished all the pieced blocks and had three applique blocks left. The first of these is #40 Friendship Dahlia. We chose the fabrics, traced and cut the patterns, fused the webbing to the fabric and got them all fused to the 9×9′ background. Then it was time to do the blanket stitching on …

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Apr 10

Christmas quilt #2 2016-Urban Blues

As I mentioned in this post about quilt #1: “I had no plans to make Christmas quilts for our sons in 2016 as I’d made them quilts for Christmas 2015. They both visited in September and independently requested a quilt for Christmas. That put a bit of a panic in my holiday planning, for sure. …

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