Feb 26

America the Beautiful-barn & trees

After taking a break from our quilt group during the holidays, we were back going in strong in January and got two blocks done on the America the Beautiful quilt. We wanted to tackle a building and not leave them all to the end, so we began with the barn. Our individual tastes are totally on display here in our fabric choices for the barns and adjoining trees. ShaRee and I used the same fabric for the roof and silo, but varied on the barn and door, while Terry went her own way with red and browns. We all used a sky background fabric, but as usual, my choice is a little more bold. We all loved our own tall trees, but then loved each other’s trees when we saw them done. Those same tree fabrics may make appearances elsewhere in all our quilts! This block goes in the lower right corner of the quilt above the fields of amber waves.

block by ShaRee

ShaRee barn & trees

block by Sue

Sue barn & trees

block by Terry

Terry barn & treesThe other January week, we worked on what we are calling “the big forest” of six trees. These pines live in the upper right quadrant underneath the sun block. Again, we have wild variations in our fabric choices,┬ábut we agreed that a light/dark combo was the way to go, although we didn’t agree on whether the tall or the short trees should be dark! Part of the fun of this quilt has been comparing fabrics and talking over our choices with each other on the days we cut fabric for the blocks.

block by ShaRee

ShaRee six trees

block by Sue

Sue six trees

block by Terry

Terry six trees

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