Nov 04

America the Beautiful-the beginning

In September our quilt group began a new project that will run concurrently with the 1930’s quilt we began in January. We are alternating weeks on the projects. The new quilt is called “America the Beautiful” and is published by McCall’s Quilting. It was published a section at a time in the magazine during 2011 and the full pattern can be found on the website and in the Autumn 2012 magazine. This issue featured the original colorway shown below, but also photos of reader quilts that had been sewn the previous year during the sew-along. 

America the Beautiful, original McCall's

We don’t love all the colors in this quilt but do like portions and ideas from other readers, so we will be creating three different quilts based on our own preferences.

ShaRee cutting kits

We began by spending two whole sessions making color choices and cutting kits of the first few blocks so that we can spend the next few sessions sewing. ShaRee, above, and Terry, below, are cutting away in the fabulous space we use in Terry’s basement.

Terry cutting kits

After lots of consulting on colors, measuring and cutting…
Sue cutting kits

we ended up with lots of packets of blocks, all nicely labeled with the block and sewer’s name.
America the Beautiful kits

Next post: the first blocks!

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