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Mar 31

We’ll Be There

Brian and Mark are BYU Young Ambassadors and this year the group made three music videos and had a Facebook vote on which one would be uploaded first.  The video with Brian’s song, “We’ll Be There” was introduced first.  Scott and I were in Springdale, Utah visiting Zion National Park on our annual getaway for …

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Feb 26

BYU Young Ambassadors 2014 trailer

It’s a quiz! Can you spot the dancing Brian? We counted eleven appearances, but you have to be quick! Although there are shots of the band, there are no shots of the sound crew, so you’ll have to trust me that Mark is the A1 sound guy for the group. 🙂

Jan 06

Uncle Jay Explains – You have to watch this

Aug 03

Wedding Bloopers

I’ve been waiting to post this until we had a marriage in the family.  Congratulations to Emily and Jeremy.  And now enjoy the wedding bloopers.  May your day not be like those shown here!

Jun 08

Favorite Videos – Children

Another round of favorite videos:

Jan 12

Can you Guess the Song?

Oct 27

For all the Mothers in the World

If you've ever said any of these things to your kids, then you will totally relate to this clip. "Were you born in a barn?  Do you want some hay?"  

Oct 15

Favorite Video: Man impresses Judges

Unlike my father, I am not a big opera fan, nor do we watch American Idol.  But the performance given on this show, and the reaction from the judges, which include American Idol's Simon Cowell, is remarkable.

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