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Mar 30

First quarter 2015

I’ve been busy so far this year working on my One Little Word, EMBRACE. I spent all of February focusing on re-lighting my love of scrapbooking by participating in an annual event I’ve wanted to do for several years called LOAD. The purpose is to create a layout a day for each day of February. …

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Sep 27

Fall is here

  It’s been raining here for a couple days and yesterday I woke up to find that the mountains right outside my living room window have snow on them.  One of the peaks was snow-free for only about 9 weeks this year.  It hasn’t gotten quite cold enough at night yet to freeze so my …

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Jul 02

What’s Blooming…

I just got a new camera and wanted to try it out, so Sue and I spent a few minutes taking pictures of what’s blooming in her flower gardens right now.  Click on the pictures to see them larger.  Enjoy!    

May 04

2013 so far

I’ve written about six jillion blog posts in my head since January 1st while driving, showering, vacuuming, etc., but unfortunately for you, gentle reader, you are not in my head and haven’t been able to read them.  I have often thought that I should get them on the blog but life keeps intervening and when …

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Jun 12

What’s blooming today?

It’s June and the daffodils are done but the late spring flowers are on.  Here’s a sampling of what’s going on out in my flower gardens right now.  They’re starting to look pretty good now that all the seedlings are finally in the ground and it’s warming up.  I have 5 varieties of penstemon blooming, …

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Jun 09

Vertical garden structure-hooray!

I’ve been wanting vertical structures for the vegetable garden for a long time and it’s just never happened, so today we were out weeding and planting some more veggies and I mentioned that Scott should lash together a structure for the cucumbers before we plant them and he just did it!  Such an awesome husband! …

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May 22

Seedling bragging

I’ve had some questions about my process for growing seedlings, so here’s the scoop.  I germinate them in Jiffy pellets which I put in trays with clear plastic domes.  I place these under basic shop lights and fluorescent lights bought at the big box home improvement stores, on heavy duty wire shelves purchased from similar …

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Mar 26


Even though there were light snow showers this morning in Alpine, my early daffodils opened over the weekend, so spring must really be on the way!

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