Sep 19

Spring progress on America the Beautiful

During the spring we got some blocks done on our America the Beautiful quilt. We sewed the mountains blocks which are designed to be purple triangles. We thought they looked like purple pyramids and saw in some reader examples that one quilter had put snow on hers. We really liked that look since we live next to mountains which have snow on them all winter long, so we free-hand cut some white fabric for snow. Then we left them with Terry who kindly did the satin stitching on our snow and used her embroidery machine to give us each a flying eagle. So fun to have that personal touch.

ShaRee Mountains

Sue Mountains


Terry Mountains


The first of our buildings was the church. We all dreamed of stained glass fabric for the church so when we were planning the buildings, Terry got on her phone, searched for stained glass fabric, found a small piece and ordered it. It quickly arrived and we were ready for our churches.They are sewn with the sun shining on the door side and the window side in a bit of a shadow, although mine didn’t end up with as much contrast I had envisioned. We did the upcoming houses the same way for consistency. The sky background features lightly printed, wispy clouds on a pale blue background.

ShaRee Church


Sue Church


Terry Church


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