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Aug 23

Pay It Forward to Gratitude

While my husband attended a conference in Atlanta this weekend, we met Paul Taubman, better known as the “Gratitude Guru”.  He told me about his blog and I said that sounded like a great post for my next Pay It Forward.  He gave me his card and I said I would look it up and …

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Aug 16

Adventures in blogging from my phone

I downloaded the awesome WordPress app for my Android to try blogging with my phone.  Turns out it’s easy breezy. So I’m Paying It Forward this week to my good friend alisonwonderland for her idea of quick posts about her recent vacation that I’m borrowing for my phone posts about our current vacation. Thanks Ali! 

Aug 09

Farm Life

I sometimes feel like I live on a farm with chickens behind us, cows and horses next door, buffalo across the street, and a steady stream of deer running through our yard.  I live in a small town that’s next to lots of suburbia but feels like we are in the country because we’re tucked …

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Aug 01

Keeping my balance in July

I discussed in a previous post my leap into a new phase of life  and how I was going to try to balance my adventures.  I gave a long list of things I want to do and here’s a progress report on how I’ve been teetering during my first month. Alot: service to family service …

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Jul 26

Bees are buzzin’

It’s late July and this cool, rainy summer has made everything late in my gardens.  And even though I don’t have enough energy these days to make it look perfect, there’s a lot of lovely stuff going on out there.  So enjoy what we have, right? One of the things I love in my garden …

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Jul 19

My pal, Hashimoto’s

We’ve been living together for almost 3 years now and we’re getting to know each other quite well.  I’m now able to discriminate between hyper- and hypo-thyroid symptoms which helps me to deal with them better and not think I’m crazy.  This is good news.  I struggle every day with the effects of thyroid disease …

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Jul 12

Adventures in quilting

For Christmas, Scott gave me a stack of fat quarters in fall fabrics for a Thanksgiving quilt I want to make.  I have a landing that’s prominent in my living room and I like to hang a quilt on it to soften it and dress it up a bit.  So far I have a patriotic …

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Jul 05

Wherein I come to a bend in my road

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls, taking twists and turns, sending us on a roller coaster ride…….you get the idea.  We try to plan and organize our lives but things change, we make choices, and one day we end up at the end of our forties with a new vista spreading wide …

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